Mwanza delegation in Würzburg

Last week, an honorable delegation from the City of Mwanza visited the EKC Würzburg to learn about the different programs and acitivites within the center. It was a great pleasure to welcome the guest at the EKC Würzburg!


Field work on Ukerewe Island

An important part of the EKC is the fight against Neglected Tropical Disesaes (NTCs). On Ukerewe island we focus on the containment of schistosomiasis, which is a highly prevalent parasitic infection at the shores of Lake Vicotria.


5 positions for student exchange

Following a long tradition, this year 5 students from CUHAS will again be selected for the EKC student exchange program. Application deadline is March 31rst 2022. The exchange is scheduled for September 15th - November 1rst 2022.

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Official opening of the EKC

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EKC was officially opened only now, on November 11th. The formal ceremony took place in Mwanza in the presence of all partners. On behalf of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation, the delegation from Würzburg was accompanied by Dr. Judith von Heusinger.


A warm welcome to the EKC exchange students

This year, seven Tansanian medical students can participate in the EKC undergraduate exchange program. We are very glad to have them with us for the coming 8 weeks!


First PhD student started

In July, Delfina Msanga started her PhD program as the first EKC scholar.

Welcome to Würzburg and the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology, Delfina!

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Medical Exchange

From mid-January to late March, two medical doctors from Bugando Medical Center in Mwanza came to Würzburg to be trained in various sonographic procedures. To enable training for the diagnostics of liver damages, as seen in Schistosomiasis, the EKC purchased a portable FibroScan device for hands-on training in Würzburg. In the future, this machine will be used on Ukerewe to train colleagues in the filed to examine patients.


The EKC exchange students in Mwanza

Reunion in Tanzania: Last weekend, the EKC exchange students from Mwanza organized an excursion for the German students, who complete part of the practical year at the Bugando Medical Center at the moment.


Visit to Ukerewe

During their stay in Tanzania, the EKC team spent two days on Ukerewe island in Lake Victoria, where the Schistosomiasis project is being carried out.

On the picture, Prof. Mazigo is showing a Bulinus snail, the parasites's intermediate host.


Day trip to Rothenburg

Last weekend we took a daytrip to Rothenburg, a small medieval town close to Würzburg. Trains were cancelled and once in Rothenburg it started raining. Anyhow, the day was great.

On November 6th, the students will return to Mwanza. It was a great pleasure having you here. We wish you the best of luck for the future and a safe journey home!


Second PhD student started

In the end of August, Deodatus Mabula came to Würzburg as the 2nd EKC scholar to start his research at the Comprehensive Heart Failure Center.

Welcome to Würzburg, Deodatus!


We are online

The Else Kröner Center homepage went online.