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EKC PhD student in London

Nyanda Justine, one of eight EKC PhD students is currently interning at the Natural History Museum in London. In the laboratory of Dr Bonnie Webster he is learning a specific PCR method for the identification of different schistosomiasis species.

© Nyanda Justine



Joint Winter School

January 19-20th, 2024 the University of Würzburg organized the 6th Winter School for the medical students enrolled in the Translational Medicine program. This year, research, challenges, and international perspectives on stroke were discussed. Tanzanian students from the M.Sc. Epidemiology & Biostatistics course were invited to join online. All students from Mwnaza, who took advantage of this opportunity gave very good feedback on the subject matter and relevance of the Winter School.





Call for applications: 5 exchange student positions available

The application period for this year's EKC students exchange to Würzburg, Germany just started. Again, 5 medical students from CUHAS-Bugando will be selected for the EKC exchange program. Application deadline is March 31rst 2024. The exchange is scheduled for late August to mid-October 2024.

Details regarding requirements and the application from can be found here and on the CUHAS homepage.

Best of luck with your applications!


© Andreas Müller


EKC research projects presented at the ECTMIH in Utrecht

At the 13th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, which took place in the Netherlands, Prof Humphrey Mazigo and Dr Andreas Müller presented their newest data on Schistosomiasis morbidities and viral co-infections gathered on Ukerewe Island.

Additionally, the EKC PhD student Shimba Henerico was invited to talk about his research on HIV drug resistance.



New Master Program introduced at CUHAS

With the new term, a novel master program on "Epidemiology and Biostatistics" was launched at the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences.

The program was designed in a joint effort between lecturers at CUHAS and the University of Würzburg and will be open for participation of students from both sides.

The first cohort comprises 11 students, which recently took up their master studies.

© Stella Mugassa



EKC at the World Health Summit

The World Health Summit takes place in Berlin every year to bring together stakeholders from politics, science, the private sector, and non-profit organisations from around the globe.


This year, the EKC was also on site. During the well-received session on "Innovative Academic Cooperations: Partnerships to Improve Health", which was hosted by the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Foundation, the EKC was presented by the EKC Scientific Manager Prof Oliver Kurzai.

© Franziska Pietsch



CUHAS medical students in Würzburg

We warmly welcome this year's medical exchange students from Mwanza in Würzburg!

Hanna, Elvis, Faraja, Agren, and Winbeth will stay in Würzburg for 7 weeks and rotate through different clinical departments during this time.

Before the clinical part, they will participate at the Summer School "Planetary Health".

© Barbara Moll


© Jimmy Mwaisakar


Continued funding of the EKC approved

Since three years, the participating partner organisations from Mwanza and Würzburg have been working together under the umbrella of the EKC to improve medical education at both locations and health care for the population in the lake zone.
In March 2023, an interim evaluation of the centre took place at the halfway point of the funding period. Not only all evaluators, but also the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation was very satisfied with the work of the center and has agreed to continue funding of the EKC as a "flagship project".

Transport C-Bogen 2_edited_edited.jpg


medical equipment for partner clinics

During the coming months, medmissio will provide a number of medical instruments for CUHAS' parnter hospitals.

To start with, two C-arm X-ray devices were transported to a storage room, which was made available by the City of Würzburg, where they await the shipment to Tanzania.

© Andreas Müller

20230526_114205 - Kopie.jpg


EKC goes Africa Festival

Last weekend, Europe's oldest and biggest festival for African Culture took place in Würzburg. Amongst many other initiatives and collaborative projects of the University of Würzburg, the EKC was presented in the university tent.

© Franziska Pietsch

Screenshot 2023-05-10 164413.png

© Pamina Hagen


Summer School Planetary Health: Call for Application

Following last year's big success, the Universities of Würzburg, Bayreuth, Eldoret, and Mwanza will organise a second edition of the Summer School Planetary Health (Climate, Environment & Health) in Würzburg this September.

Registration is free of charge, application deadline is May 21, 2023.

For more information visit

Screenshot 2023-03-17 141236.png

© Gunnar Bartsch


Prolonged Memorandum of Understanding

This Monday, March 13, the currently existing Memorandum of Understanding between the partner universities and hospitals in Würzburg and Mwanza was renewed in a very ceremonial setting at the Residence in Würzburg. With their signatures, the deputy signatories from JMU, UKW, CUHAS and BMC affirmed a continuation of the medical and scientific exchange between the two locations. The new agreement will be in force for the coming 5 years.

Patient is examined by a Fibro Scan


Endoscopy at Nansio / Ukerewe

To improve medical care on Ukerewe, the EKC equipped the district hospital of Nansio with endoscopic devices for imaging diagnostics. This enables the Nansio Hospital to carry out necessary examinations and interventions on site. This is especially important in the event of life-threatening upper gastrointestinal bleedings, as they frequently occur in Schistosomiasis patients.

© Andreas Müller

EKC Logo



Call for applications

Following a long tradition, this year 5 students from CUHAS will again be selected for the EKC student exchange program. Application deadline is March 31rst 2023. The exchange is scheduled for late August to mid-October 2023.

Details regarding requirements and the application from can be found here and on the CUHAS homepage.

Best of luck!

Warmly dressed people infront of medieval houses


Christmas time in Germany

One important thing to do during the festive season in Germany is to go to Christmas markets and have mulled wine. Now that we have taken care of this, the next thing to do is to wait for the snow to fall.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

© Franziska Pietsch

people on a city wall of a medieval town


Back to Rothenburg

Just like last year, we took a daytrip to Rothenburg o.d.T. We had a great day exploring the old streets of this medieval town. We also took the opportunity to marvel at the Riemenschneider Altar at St. James Church and climb the stairs up the City Hall tower.  

On October 31, the students will return to Mwanza. It was a great pleasure having you here. We wish you the best of luck for the future and a safe journey home!

© Andrew Entwistle

Bib group of people standing next to a fountain

© Andrew Entwistle


5 Exchange Students in Würzburg

This year, five Tansanian medical students are funded for a 7-week stay in Würzburg. During their visit, they will rotate between different departments of the University Hospital and attend the "Summer School Planetary Health".

To welcome them, Prof Jürgen Deckert, Vice Dean for Internationalisation took them for a guided tour through Würzburg.

2 men infront of the entrance sign of the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology


EKC PhD students in Würzburg

We warmly welcome Vitus Silago (left) and Nyanda Justine (right) in Würzburg. Both are currently doing their PhD at CUHAS and are supported by the EKC as PhD-associate (Vitus) and PhD fellow (Nyanda).

© Franziska Pietsch

front page EKC report with EKC Logo


EKC Progress Report published

Here you can find the progress report of the EKC with the main achievements and highlights since the foundation of the Center.

Please view in 2-page view and enjoy!


poster about announcement of summer school on planetary health


Summer School "Planetary Health" open for application

This Ocotber, the Universitiy of Würzburg, the University of Eldoret, and CUHAS are organising a joint summer school on Planetary Health. Applications can be submitted until July 17.

For more information click here.

© Eva-Maria Schwienhorst-Stich

group of people standing next to each other infront of a door

© Gabriele Gerlach


Mwanza delegation in Würzburg

Last week, an honorable delegation from the City of Mwanza visited the EKC Würzburg to learn about the different programs and acitivites within the center. It was a great pleasure to welcome the guest at the EKC Würzburg!

medical doctor examining a patient lying on a couch


Medical Exchange

From mid-January to late March, two medical doctors from Bugando Medical Center in Mwanza came to Würzburg to be trained in various sonographic procedures. To enable training for the diagnostics of liver damages, as seen in Schistosomiasis, the EKC purchased a portable FibroScan device for hands-on training in Würzburg. In the future, this machine will be used on Ukerewe to train colleagues in the field to examine patients.

© Paulina  Manyiri

fully packed off-road vehicle


Field work on Ukerewe Island

An important part of the EKC is the fight against Neglected Tropical Disesaes (NTCs). On Ukerewe island we focus on the containment of schistosomiasis, which is a highly prevalent parasitic infection at the shores of Lake Vicotria.

© Stella Mugassa

group of students


The EKC exchange students in Mwanza

Reunion in Tanzania: Last weekend, the EKC exchange students from Mwanza organized an excursion for the German students, who complete part of the practical year at the Bugando Medical Center at the moment.

© Anna Dittmar

EKC logo


5 positions for student exchange

Following a long tradition, this year 5 students from CUHAS will again be selected for the EKC student exchange program. Application deadline is March 31rst 2022. The exchange is scheduled for September 15th - November 1rst 2022.


children are looking at a streched out hand, which is presenting a snail


Visit to Ukerewe

During their stay in Tanzania, the EKC team spent two days on Ukerewe island in Lake Victoria, where the Schistosomiasis project is being carried out.

On the picture, Prof. Mazigo is showing a Bulinus snail, the parasites's intermediate host.

© Franziska Pietsch

group of people standing next to an unveiled display


Official opening of the EKC

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EKC was officially opened only now, on November 11th. The formal ceremony took place in Mwanza in the presence of all partners. On behalf of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation, the delegation from Würzburg was accompanied by Dr. Judith von Heusinger.

© Franziska Pietsch

group of people in a park

© Franziska Pietsch


Day trip to Rothenburg

Last weekend we took a daytrip to Rothenburg, a small medieval town close to Würzburg. Trains were cancelled and once in Rothenburg it started raining. Anyhow, the day was great.

On November 6th, the students will return to Mwanza. It was a great pleasure having you here. We wish you the best of luck for the future and a safe journey home!

group of people

© Michael Ullrich


A warm welcome to the EKC exchange students

This year, seven Tansanian medical students can participate in the EKC undergraduate exchange program. We are very glad to have them with us for the coming 8 weeks!

portrait of a Tanzanian man


Second PhD student started

In the end of August, Deodatus Mabula came to Würzburg as the 2nd EKC scholar to start his research at the Comprehensive Heart Failure Center.

Welcome to Würzburg, Deodatus!

© Deodatus Mabula

portrait of a Tanzanian woman


First PhD student started

In June, Delfina Msanga started her PhD program as the first EKC scholar.

Welcome to Würzburg and the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology, Delfina!

© Delfina Msanga

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